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If you notice brown or reddish stains in your sink and experience dry, itchy skin, hard water could be the culprit. Luckily, Modern Air & Water provides water softener systems that effectively address these issues.

Having a well-running water softener extends the lifespan of your water heater, plumbing system, and even your clothes!

So don't wait, call us today to book your water softener and filtration services.

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We'll Find The Best Water Softener For Your Home!

With the large number of water softeners on the market, finding the best one for your home can be a daunting task. To help get you started, Modern Air & Water is proud to offer these three popular options. Give us a call today, and we'll help you discover the best unit and financing options for you.

12 Year Warranty

We offer an industry leading 12 year parts and labour warranty guarantee on Airease equipment.

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We offer no obligation quotes on all our HVAC services so you can make an informed decision, hassle free.

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We’re proud to have over 250 positive reviews from satisfied clients from all over Edmonton and surrounding areas.

What is a Water Filtration System?

Water filtration systems utilize diverse filters and advanced technologies to ensure clean and safe drinking water by removing unwanted tastes, odors, and pollutants. Here's a concise overview of three categories of filters in these systems.

  • Activated Carbon - Common in the market, these filters use activated carbon granules to absorb sediment, silt, chlorine, and volatile organic compounds. However, they are less effective against salts, minerals, and dissolved inorganic compounds.
  • Mess Filters - These filters trap and remove suspended solids like dirt, clay, sand, and rust, addressing turbidity. However, they don't eliminate chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, or dissolved particulate matter.
  • UV Water Filtration - UV systems use high-frequency light to kill bacteria, viruses, and cysts by damaging their DNA. While effective against living organisms, UV systems don't remove particles or sediments.

What’s Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) stands out as a highly efficient water filtration system in the market. Operating by compelling water through a specialized membrane, it effectively eliminates foreign contaminants and minerals. Typically situated beneath a sink, this prevalent RO filtration system ensures the delivery of high-quality drinking water. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to be connected to refrigerators or ice makers.



A high-pressure pump propels water through a series of filters that catch sediment and mineral deposits before the water flows into the reverse osmosis chamber.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis

Once in the reverse osmosis chamber, the water is pushed through a semipermeable membrane to filter out microscopic particles and contaminants.



After completing the reverse osmosis process, the treated water is stored in a small tank until it’s ready to be used.

Flush & Fill Maintenance Starting at $139.95

Extend your hot water tank's lifespan with annual cleaning and maintenance from Modern Air & Water. Our Flush & Fill process removes minerals and sediment that can build up inside the tank reducing efficiency and increasing the risk for repair or replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the questions homeowners are always asking us below. Want to ask about your specific needs? Just contact us and speak with an expert.

How does a water softener work?

Water softeners lower the concentration of minerals found in our water. Hard water flows through a filter filled with negatively charged resin beads in a water softener system. The minerals in the water stick to resin beads in the softener and remain trapped in the system, allowing soft water to flow out. Salt water is then used for flushing the system, removing any excess residue so that the beads can be used again.

What are the benefits of a water softener?

The benefits of installing a water softener include: healthier skin and hair, softer and cleaner clothes, better tasting water, fewer plumbing repairs, and longer lasting appliances.

What are some signs of hard water?

Signs of hard water include: rust coloured stains in your tub or sink, white scaling on faucets, low water pressure, frequently clogged pipes, itchy or dry clothes, skin and hair.

How much does water softener installation cost?

The cost of water softener installation depends on the size and type of softener you choose, the size of your home, and any additional service work that may need to be done to clear our existing damage from hard water buildup. Give us a call today for your no obligation hassle free quote!

Are there any warranties on water softener service?

We offer a 1 year warranty on parts and labour on our residential water softener installation, maintenance and repair services.

Why Choose Modern Air & Water

Whether its a simple repair, cleaning or whole new install, we know you have lots of choices when it comes to HVAC service. Here are only a few reasons why Edmonton and the surrounding areas have been trusting Modern Air & Water for so many years.

Locally Owned & Operated

Locally Owned & Operated

We love being a part of the Edmonton community, and our team takes pride in treating each and every one of our customers like family.

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Expert Advice

Count on our team for expert care and advice with all major HVAC brands. We’re here to troubleshoot and offer recommendations for your equipment.

Serving Edmonton Since 1976

Serving Edmonton Since 1976

From repair, to install, to annual maintenance, we’ve been helping Edmonton residents with all their HVAC needs for over four decades.

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Residential & Commercial Service

Whether it’s your home or business, Modern Air is committed to helping you protect your family, employees and customers with our full range of air quality and HVAC services.

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Our team is established and well-versed in HVAC and Indoor Air Quality including install, repair and on-going maintenance. We’re are proud to provide exclusive membership benefits and financing to ensure you get the best service at the best price available!

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It’s more than just maintenance, it’s your home’s well-being! With customizable plans from Modern Air & Water, we provide you with annual scheduled inspections and tune-ups to keep your equipment in top shape, and catch potential failures before they happen.

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  • Small monthly payments
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  • Lower monthly utility bills.
  • Safeguard against unexpected failures and repairs.
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